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The Need

East of the River in Washington, DC there is a vast need for programming specifically targeting African American boys and young men -- programming that is responsive to their unique life experiences. Currently, due to limited resources, LPTM reaches less than one percent of its target constituency and has the opportunity to do so much more.

Life Pieces To Masterpieces is the only youth development nonprofit organization focused exclusively on African American boys and young men in Wards 7 and 8. LPTM is also the only youth services organization that is indigenous to the community that it serves and was founded by members from that community.


Latest News

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Sister Kita with husband Paul and daughter Lena at LPTM Family Night
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Donate Online Now, or learn more about how you can help us reach more African American boys and young men and give them a chance at a bright future.


Life Pieces To Masterpieces is proud to be selected as "One of the best small charities in the Greater Washington region."


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